Where is Moldova?, invented by Peter Seager, is a wonderful family board game distributed by Circa Circa the inventors of @AboutTimeBoardGames that brings together general knowledge, strategy and, of course, some luck.

The object is to win 5 connecting countries on the board’s map.

Along the way you’ll be asked a wide-range of fascinating questions in order to win countries and mark your new territory with coloured pawns.

However – to add a little mischief – you’ll also be able to ‘challenge’ other players for the countries that they ‘own’ and that you may need (alternatively, you could take a strategic decision and try to win a country that you don’t actually need, but by taking that country you’d undermine the strong position of another player). There’s also the chance to take the occasional risk with a ‘gamble’, and, if you’re lucky enough to land on the right square, you will be invited to simply ‘steal’ a strategic country from any one of your opponents.

To ensure the game moves quickly (and help Grandad!) half of the questions are multiple choice.

Moldova plays in under an hour and is perfect for all ages from 8 and up.

If all the world’s best games were rolled up into one you might have Where is Moldova?